Boston BZ-230E Mechanical 2 Post Vehicle Lift


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The BZ230-E is our base model, two post electro mechanical screw lift.  Although the smallest in the range, it’s our day-to-day workhorse, manufactured in Germany and with reliability in mind. It has a master-slave post arrangement with a chain drive between the two, and comes with a solid base frame for easy installation; well suited to garages with poor or uneven surfaces.

Boasting a 3 tonne load capacity, formidable safety features and adjustable screw pads to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, the BZ230-E is a solid investment for the busy but safety conscious workshop not willing to compromise on quality.

Each lift comes with the following useful features as standard.​

  • Rolled column sections
  • Symmetrical installation
  • Adjustable screw pads
  • Lifting carriages are guided by 6 x maintenance-free roller bearings
  • Bronze load nut / cast alloy safety nut
  • Oil dispenser for automatic screw lubrication
  • Modern push button controls
  • Optional second control panel for opposite post
  • Acoustic final descent operation for foot protection
  • Lockable main power switch to prevent unauthorised use
  • Automatic arm locking mechanisms
  • Lifting pads with hard-rubber profile and 25 mm height adjustment
  • Vehicle door protectors
  • Sturdy base frame with chain guides and covers
  • Automatic chain failure safety system
  • Optional base-frame free version
  • A range of specific vehicle lifting adapters (please enquire)
  • Protection class IP54, GS approved, DIN EN 1493, CE