Crypton CCP800 Combi Emissions Analyser


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The CCP800 series is an integrated gas and smoke analyser
combining state of the art digital technology.
The unit is supplied with oil temperature probe, battery
RPM measurement (petrol & diesel), remote control mouse,
A4 printer, 22″ flat screen monitor, black keyboard and
remote control. This combined unit can be housed in a high-quality roll-around cabinet.

■ Euro 6 compatible
■ Approved as DVSA connected equipment
■ Smokemeter (available as cabled or bluetooth)
■ 4 gas analyser
■ Oil temperature probe
■ Battery RPM measurement (OBD option)
■ Operates the brake tester (when purchased)
■ All housed in a quality mobile cabinet with a large 23” screen
for clear visibility, Windows 10 PC, printer, mouse and
keyboard with a dust and grease protective cover
■ 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
■ Service and calibration options available
■ Manufactured and supported in the UK

This state of the art unit is supplied and maintained by Transtec GES, providing you with a 24hr engineer response team and direct engineer contact for calibrations and enquiries.