Boston Smoke analyser Packages


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As with the Boston GE gas analyser, this smokemeter add-on is easy to use and visually excellent. High quality PC & 22″ monitor/laser printer as standard plus it is fully compliant with the new DVSA CE equipment specification.

With the added benefit of bluetooth wireless connectivity, the compact gas and smoke modules can locate neatly at the end of the test lane, whilst the GCP control system can be positioned virtually anywhere convenient – total flexibility and a big advantage in any workshop. With the addition of RFC-95, our RF remote control, both models can be controlled remotely from inside the vehicle.

Approved in nearly all European countries to the highest and latest specifications, the OPA100 can complete a FAST PASS MoT diesel test in under 3.5 minutes (including printed results), and also contains an RF wireless receiver as standard to receive both oil temperature and RPM information directly from our wireless MGT300 Oil Temp / RPM device. The latest variant of this analyser incorporates the MGT300EOBD for oil temperature and RPM thus reducing testing times even further.