Boston D712 Roller Brake Tester


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The D712 is our best-selling MOT Class 7 brake tester. Approved in the UK for testing MOT Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L and 7, this roller brake tester meets DVSA 2019 specifications for Connected MOT Equipment. 

In standard configuration, the D712 can be used as an MOT brake tester in traditional Class 7 bays. For use in DVSA approved Automated Test Lanes (ATL), it can be upgraded with a vehicle weighing system which also makes it suitable for motorcycle brake testing (with the addition of our motorcycle adaptor plates).

Boston’s advanced SW900 control software is designed in-house and makes performing a brake test easier than ever. The user-friendly graphical interface provides a choice of three displays which quickly indicates brake faults to testers. Auto-prompts for ATL bays deliver a rapid, reliable test program popular with one-person test lanes (OPTL).

SW900 has the added advantage of controlling Boston emissions equipment which means only one workstation is required. Emissions testing packages can be added at any time. Online assistance is built into SW900 as standard allowing our support department to connect immediately and diagnose your system remotely, often resolving issues there and then.

The D712 is built to withstand the heavy demands of modern MOT brake testing. The chassis is fully galvanised and painted with a durable, hard-wearing industrial finish. Brake tester rollers are supported with a five-year guarantee and manufactured to last. The roller bed has a load capacity of 4500 kg and the whole test (non-ATL) can be operated wirelessly using our ruggedised, long range radio remote control (RFC-95).

Each brake tester comes with a choice of two stylish control stands: the GCP3 drum stand, or the slimline option GCP4.