Boston B461 4 post vehicle lift


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Developed over 25 years of vehicle lift manufacturing, the Boston B441 is a market leading example of 4 poster lifting. Design and innovation only available on the Boston range of equipment makes for a truly stunning mixture of technology meeting quality.

With platform lengths of 5.75 / 6.1 / 7.0 metres, the B461 is one of the longest MoT lifts in the UK market (Class 4, 5L and 7). It is ideal for service work on long wheel base vehicles such as mobile homes.

  • Lifting height of 1.86m
  • Fully approved for MoT Class 4, 5L and 7 testing
  • Hydraulics and motor on outside edge of front column for max working space
  • Membrane keypad control panel with single button descent operation
  • Safety switches and lock release solenoids mounted inside the crossbeam to avoid potential damage
  • Wide 630mm platform widths for safer testing of larger vehicles
  • Recessed radius turning plates with nylon runners (no metal-on-metal contact with platform)
  • Optional integrated twin-plate PD303 hydraulic play detectors with dual controls on lift keypad and remote torch
  • Unique APC (Any Post Control) – separate lift control keypad can be placed on any other post for flexible operation (optional)
  • Electric 24V APC / inspection lamp outlets at each corner of the lift and air outlet fitted between platforms