Boston 03-Nex Vehicle & Room Sanitizer


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The new O3-NEX is a professional ozone sanitising system that every workshop should include as part of its routine before working on vehicles or returning them to customers.

Viruses, bacteria, and moulds are present in the upholstery and A/C circuits of all vehicles entering your workshop. For your safety, and for the safety of your employees and customers, a thorough sanitisation of the vehicle interior is highly recommended.

  • Simple and easy-to-use
    User-friendly, like all Boston products.
  • Safe on soft furnishings
    O3-NEX technology ensures the highest safety standards.
  • Fully automatic
    The sensor and control software guide the sanitation process from the initial verification of the environmental conditions to the completion of the procedure, resulting in a perfectly sanitised environment.
  • No ongoing consumables
    O3-NEX is a completely standalone product that doesn’t require any additional consumables.
  • Final report for the customer
    The O3-NEX issues a report depending on the parameters of the treatment. A good solution to ensure consumer confidence remains high.
  • Safe and 100% Environmentally-friendly
    Ozone has unique biocidal properties in nature and to fulfil its sanitising action does not require further additional chemicals.
  • For the automotive¬†industry and beyond
    Sanitising your workplace and the premises your customers have access to, O3-NEX is not just for the automotive industry. Thanks to the optional mains power adapter, O3-NEX is the ideal product for controlled sanitation of any environment.