Crypton MOT/ATL Test Lanes

CTL Control Centre - The Heart of the Test Lane

• Operates the Gas & Smoke Emission Tests (when fitted)
• Controls the Brake Tester and displays results
• 19” Flat Screen as standard
And don’t forget …
• CTL Software can be added to most existing Crypton

Emission Platforms
Emission Analyser Options:

• Choice of tachometers using battery pick-up or ultrasonic
and vibration technology
• Commercial vehicle sample probes for central and stack
• Wireless or Cable Smokemeter
• Wireless Temperature Probe (BT Model only)
• Wireless Remote Handset (BT Model only)
• Wireless Keyboard
• 3 Year extended care contract
• 5 Year extended care contract

CTL Brake Tester

• Integrated weighing system automatically calculates brake
• Infra red remote control
• One piece galvanized roller set
• Automatic testing procedure plus manual individual wheel testing
• Rolling resistance is tested at the beginning of each entry to the
• No reference values for vehicles are required

CTL Platform Scissor Lift
• Recessed or surface mounted version available (Surface mounted option only 185mm for low chassis vehicles)
• VOSA approved hydraulic axle play detectors built into the ramps
• No intrusive posts saving over 1 metre in width
• Recessed lift leaves flush surface when not in use
• No ropes for increased stability = Safe lifting
• Solid Engineering
• Modern silver checker plate for a dynamic looking workshop
• Hydraulic synchronisation of platforms

CTL can be added to the majority of Crypton’s existing emission products.

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